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Laundry Bag For undergarments


  • Mesh laundry bags ensure you can use them for all your undergarments.

  • Ideal for washing bra, bra set, underwear, socks.

  • Long-lasting mesh bags for laundry: made from premium stain, stretch, and tear-resistant polyester make them durable for repeated use.

  • Unique honeycomb design for protecting inside clothes and guarantees filtration for thorough cleanness.

  • Great lingerie bags: Durable auto-lock zipper combine with side elastic band to keep the laundry bags closed during washing and drying.

  • Versatile Mesh washing bags protect your garments from tangling, snagging, or pulling in a washer or dryer while minimizing the chance of colors bleeding into each other. Great for organizing your clothes when packing for a trip or tidying your wardrobe.

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